How to launch Swarm for dapp testing

A growing ecosystem for web 3.0 projects

+ Source: Fast Company

So, what is Swarm exactly, and how does it work?

Launching the Swarm TestNet for the First Time

(packages compiling)
(everything’s good, like it oughta be)
(new geth account)
(geth node running, blockchain downloading)
(TestNet key)
(IPC endpoint opening)
(peer connections for swarm instance)
(http interface running on port 8500)
(swarm landing page)
(photoalbum dapp on web 3.0)
(dapp delete, post, put, get controls)
(hash hex value — starting with 7, excluding that “/#1” at the end)

Sharing your applications with the public

(sample dapp via Swarm’s public gateway)



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